About Super-Charlie

The idea for Super-Charlie came to Camilla Läckberg as she was expecting her third child and her two older children were between three and seven years old. When the siblings-to-be asked about what was in mommy’s tummy, the storyteller in Camilla awoke and the character Super-Charlie began to take shape. It became a way for her to “sell” this new addition to the family to her kids. So Camilla seized the opportunity and told them that the baby in her belly was no ordinary child, in fact it was a super-baby.

As soon as Charlie was born Camilla started telling tales of finding traces of nightly flights in Charlie’s room, bird feathers in bed and much, much more. Finally it hit her that she had the beginnings of a children’s book series!

Super-Charlie is very dear to Camilla’s heart. A lot of the settings and characters in the books are from her own personal life. Camilla takes her normal, everyday situations and make them super. The small details are what’s important in the books as they are meant to be read over and over and also bring joy to the adults reading them. The vigilant reader will for instance notice a framed portrait of the author Jan Guillou in Super-Charlie and The Plushie Thief.